UAE GoWin Results Today

What is GoWin! & How the raffle draw takes place?

GoWin UAE is a known lottery game that gives people the opportunity to win life changing prizes on a daily basis. The Gowin lottery is managed by a trusted organization that follows rules to ensure fairness and transparency. Individuals can buy tickets from sellers throughout the UAE or through online platforms making it convenient, for anyone who wants to take a chance.

GoWin! Is the official trade mark for New Hope Recreational Services L.L.C. based in Dubai. They mainly sells contributing pencils to tree plantation projects for customers that will be entitled to receive a free ticket for one of their free raffle draws.

All GoWIN customers will automatically participate in the related free raffle draws according to their relevant purchased pencils and their personal choice of the free raffle draw selections.

    There are basically 3 types of games in GoWin lotto. GoWin Super 6, Fun 4, and Lucky 3 are the 3 among them. It is really easy for anyone in UAE to play this lottery game and try their luck. Follow the steps to play the game in UAE.

    To buy GoWin Super 6 UAE tickets start by finding a retailer.
    Once you have your ticket choose six numbers, from the options. Alternatively you can let the system generate numbers for you with a pick.
    Make sure to pay the required amount for your chosen ticket.
    Keep your ticket in a place to avoid any issues.
    Stay tuned for the draws. Watch them live or check the results online or, through the media.
    To see if you’ve won compare your selected numbers with the winning numbers announced during the draw.